36 Anywhere

36 Anywhere

Thirty-Six Education embraces the possibilities that technology offers, and we utilize it thoughtfully and intentionally.

We’ve already mentioned our proprietary test prep homework app, but we’re also quite proud of Tutor Trove, our revolutionary online tutoring platform. Designed by a Yale math and physics rock star and refined by one of the Thirty-Six Education founders, our online tutoring system is a state-of-the-art solution for students who need top-notch tutoring but can’t easily get to a tutor. The online application utilizes an unparalleled interactive whiteboard paired with collaborative editing tools, the best online graphing calculator on the planet, and audio and video chat through Skype or FaceTime. All of our practice materials are pre-loaded into a searchable resource library, so tutors can instantly access any and all curriculum at a moment’s notice, and both students and tutors can save work from the whiteboard for later review.

Tutor Trove requires no additional software or hardware; if you can access the Internet from your computer, you can use Tutor Trove. You don’t have to come to us; we can come to you—virtually, that is. And that means we can tutor your child wherever, whenever.

We also utilize a variety of calculator programs for the TI-84+, the most common graphing calculator used by high school students and one that is allowed for use during the ACTs. These devices can make a tremendous difference on the math section, and students who learn to incorporate their potential into their approach to the test generally see results fast.

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