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You may have noticed that our name references a perfect score on the ACT, and that’s no coincidence. A perfect score on the ACTs is an admirable goal to have. In fact, we strive for—and produce—significant score gains, and, sometimes, we do help our clients achieve perfection. It is not, however, our only goal when it comes to our students
and your child.

While perfection is achievable for a few students, we’re more concerned with the whole student, with your student. We don’t just teach to the test; we teach to the child. We don’t just improve your child’s scores; we expand your child’s knowledge. And we achieve results that last far longer than the momentary thrill of a perfect score on the ACT. We build the cognitive skills that help our students build more satisfying academic lives.

We could just as easily chosen the name 360 Education because we cover your student’s test prep from every angle. From assessment to planning to practice to execution, we are the ACT experts. We’ve been doing this work for a decade, and we think we’ve got a pretty unbeatable formula for success:

“after all, no two students
are the same”
  • START with our secret weapon, founder Dr. Kimberly Freudigman, whose expertise in cognitive development is the foundation on which our program is built. With more than a decade of experience helping kids prep for standardized tests, she knows the ACT inside and out. Perhaps more importantly, she understands what the test is really testing. We use her scientifically based method to assess each of our clients and then match the student’s skills with the standardized test that will show them to best advantage;
  • SUPPLY original curriculum—targeted material that addresses every aspect of the ACT, as well as a database of error types for each section. This enables us to target specific content and skill deficits, and that enables us to efficiently and effectively
    raise your child’s scores;
  • ADD our tutors, who are all Ivy-educated. Our comprehensive, 360° approach to tutoring applies to our tutors as well. They are trained, mentored, and monitored; they are veterans of the tutoring business who genuinely like both teaching and the kids they teach;
  • INTEGRATE technology to engage our students, encourage collaboration and communication between us and our clients, facilitate learning and, ultimately, improve performance;
  • And SERVE UP the whole shebang with a generous dollop of laughter. (The old saw about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down turns out to be true: studies show that humor reduces anxiety, boosts engagement, and increases motivation. That helps students absorb and retain information, and that helps raise scores.);

It would be a kinder world if our children’s college placement didn’t depend, at least in part, on standardized test scores, but those scores do matter. And we’re dedicated to helping your child score a personal best. So… a 36? Under the right circumstances, yes. But regardless of the circumstances, Thirty-Six Education can and
will make a difference.

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