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Are you interested in being a TEST PREP TUTOR for Thirty-six Education?

The right person will: a) possess excellent test taking skills (and we mean excellent; an Ivy League or comparable level degree is a must); b) epitomize the word “flexible”; c) thrive under pressure and exhibit the patience of a saint; d) think creatively about everything; and, most importantly, e) have a YOUTHFUL attitude.

You will be working exclusively with teenagers. Yes, teenagers. Those self-involved, irrational, capricious, and willful creatures. They can be fussy and critical, and sometimes they smell bad. But we love ‘em. And so must you. More importantly, for the purposes of your job, they must like you. A dynamic personality is absolutely required, but you must also be ready, willing, and able to set limits – adolescents can get carried away. You will need to speak to teenagers on their own terms, so unless you are well-versed in current music, movies, fashion, and culture don’t apply for this job! If you don’t know who Lil Wayne is, if you don’t have a healthy text plan, if you wear seasonal sweaters that jingle or sing, if you have never laughed at someone doing something incredibly stupid and/or dangerous on YouTube, this is not the job for you. If you disapprove of tattoos or nose rings or underage… well, everything, this is not the job for you. If you are conservative (with a small “c”) or an Adult (with a capital “A”), this is not the job for you. (You can, however, be a mom or a dad.) This job is serious fun for the right person – you get to hang out with some pretty cool kids – but for the wrong person, it can be a nightmare.

You don’t just need to be able to take tests well yourself; you must be able to help others test well, which is much harder than simply having a good knowledge of content. Imagine trying to help yet another kid understand the wisdom of slowing down to check their answers. Now imagine it again. Imagine the guilt when you have to assign two hours of ACT homework to a student who has two papers and four tests that week. Now imagine it again. Imagine having to keep a teenager focused when their friends and Facebook are calling. Literally. Now imagine it again. That’s your job. Got the picture?

Oh, and the hours? Also adolescent: you’ll get started at around 2pm and work until 10pm – non-negotiable. If you just thought, “Crap, I’ll miss The Daily Show, but, on the other hand, Chinese take-out for dinner, dude!” Send us a paragraph or two telling us who you are – and please consider this a test. The pay is great, and we’re all cool. Got game? Email Thirty-Six at tutor [at] 36education [dot] com.

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