Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Thirty-Six Education provides a higher level of service than other tutoring companies. We don’t have a universal set of test materials; we don’t follow a set schedule of subjects; there’s no single syllabus. We offer genuinely individualized instruction based on what we learn about your student before we even begin tutoring.

Your Thirty-Six Education program will start with an in-depth, 90-minute intake by the company founder. We’ll review your student’s education history, including any prior assessments and academic or learning issues, and discuss your and your child’s goals.

Then we’ll… well, there’s just no other way to say this: we’ll test your child. We’ll run them through math problems to isolate discrete problem-solving and reasoning skills; we’ll check their reading fluency, speed, and comprehension. We’ll assess working memory, sustained attention, saliency, and summarization, among many other things. All of these appraisals will help us understand your student’s strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll use that information to plan the most effective test prep program possible, including the decision of whether to pursue the SAT or ACT, and which tests to take when.

Our prep plans are carefully considered and deliberate. They are based on the objective data we collect, our own instincts honed over years of tutoring, and your input. In fact, you’re an important part of the process, and we’ll keep you in the loop—even if your child doesn’t—with weekly updates on his or her progress. Thirty-Six Education uses a case management model for tracking each individual tutoring student, so we always know what’s up (scores!) and what’s not (anxiety levels!).

In the event of the reverse, we can make adjustments quickly and efficiently because you’ll have been assigned a tutor who matches your child’s needs and personality and that tutor will answer on a frequent and regular basis to a higher power: us.

Two scheduled sessions each week with the assigned tutor: one 30-minute homework session dedicated to scoring and reviewing the latest homework assignment, which leaves us free to focus on introducing and mastering new material in a second, 1-hour appointment. We know your child doesn’t have time to waste, and we don’t waste time.

If your child is a freshman or sophomore, we can proactively plan for junior and senior years. If you’re about to embark on the college process, we can advise you on matching scores to schools and prep your student for other standardized tests, like the SAT Subject Tests (formerly the SAT IIs).

And, finally, we provide every student with
a test-day Care Package, including:

  • sharpened pencils & erasers;
  • earplugs;
  • a Camelbak because hydration is important!;
  • and an ACT/SAT-approved Testing Timer watch, which we’ve found has an enormous positive impact on students’ pacing and performance the day of the test.