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ACT Tutoring

Our approach to teaching the ACT combines our expertise in the construction and content of the ACT with our company’s grounding in cognition and our understanding of students’ reasoning abilities. First, as the ACT is largely a content-based test, we identify content areas that need review and then thoroughly teach and practice them. In addition to building content knowledge, our test-prep process places a heavy emphasis on cognitive skill-building. During a student’s intake assessment, we evaluate particular cognitive and reasoning abilities and incorporate each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses into our test prep plans. This includes both drills and targeted work to improve certain cognitive skills and strategies for utilizing methods that rely on a student’s strengths while avoiding those that rely on weaknesses. Finally, our original curriculum allows students to master specific skills and content knowledge that the ACT frequently tests—everything from right-triangle trigonometry to how to summarize arguments. Our students emerge from our ACT prep with comprehensive content knowledge, improved reasoning skills, and confidence in their approaches to each section of the ACT.

Students don’t simply do homework and then correct it with their tutors (although don’t worry, there will be plenty of homework!). Instead, our students meet with tutors twice per week— once for 30 minutes to correct the week’s homework, and once for 60 minutes to review content and work through new material. We feel that, while homework is of course necessary to a student’s improvement, a tutoring process needs to rely heavily on instruction in addition to repetition. Our process provides both.

SAT Preparation

Beyond a very elementary level of content knowledge, the SAT does not test what a student knows; rather, it tests a student’s ability to reason his or her way through increasingly unfamiliar, tricky problems. As such, our SAT process focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses in students’ reasoning abilities and seeks to improve cognitive skills. Good SAT prep, we believe, is highly self-reflective and metacognitive— improvement doesn’t require “learning the problems,” but, rather, requires students and their tutors to take a hard look at the testing behaviors and thought processes that are causing errors and make adjustments to students’ approaches. Vocabulary and math formulas may be important, but more important is a student’s ability to confidently navigate a novel problem using broadly applicable problem-solving strategies. Our students don’t just learn how to take the SAT; they learn how to evaluate their own thinking and make changes to maximize their potential.

As with our ACT process, our SAT prep relies on instruction and guidance from a tutor, not just repetition of homework. Our SAT students also typically meet with their tutors twice per week— once for 30 minutes to correct the week’s homework, and once for 60 minutes to move on to new material.

Thirty-Six Booster Packs

Because we understand that not all students have the time to plan out their test prep over months, we offer intensive 7- or 10-day one-on-one cram sessions for the ACT. Our Booster Pack is an ideal solution for maximizing a student’s winter or spring breaks, making the most of the days leading up to an important test date, or getting a big chunk of work done in the summer before the business of the school year sets in. Many of our clients begin their prep with a Booster Pack in the summer after sophomore year before continuing weekly prep during junior year. Our Booster Packs include mock exams and daily practice of targeted skill sets and are available in-person or online using our Thirty-Six Anywhere platform.

Thirty-Six Education and those ‘Other’ Tests

Thirty-Six also offers classroom-based and one-on-one preparation for Advanced Placement and SAT II exams for most subjects in the spring, as well as SAT tutoring, if that is the appropriate test for the student. (Please note that Concierge Service students will be advised about these tests as part of their test prep plan).

Thirty-Six Subject Area Tutoring

Our tutors attend or have graduated from top universities and colleges in the United States, and we can provide tutoring for just about any subject. If your student needs subject tutoring or any other type of school-related assistance, just ask—we can help.

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