We believe that learning is a complex and nuanced science (not just memorization and brute force), and the more your child’s teacher understands about learning science, the more they will be able to unlock knowledge in a way that your child can understand and retain. Our teachers and staff stay current on learning science research, and our curriculum team constructs and infuses every ACT resource with learning science in mind.

Your child’s tutor will:

  • Understand how your child learns and what decisions we need to make in order to instruct your child effectively
  • Have scored a perfect 36 on the official ACT
  • Tutor your child in a way that’s informed by learning theory and principles of cognitive developmentā€”for example, inductive vs. deductive reasoning, pattern recognition, interleaving, spaced repetition, and meta-cognition
  • Understand intimately how the ACT is constructed because Thirty-Six has analyzed every single ACT for question-type frequency and other structural patterns