Proven track record of success

We're partnered with Future Champions Golf to guide your golfer to success. Our student athletes have been admitted to a vast array of schools, including:

Amherst · Arizona State · Auburn · Babson · Bates · Baylor · Boston College · Boston University · Bowdoin · Brown University · Cal Poly · Carleton · Carnegie Mellon University · Clemson · Colby College · Colgate · Columbia · Cornell · Dartmouth · Davidson · Denison · Denver · Dickinson · Drexel · Duke · Eastern Michigan · Eckerd · Elon · Emory · Fordham · George Washington · Georgetown · Harvard University · High Point · Indiana · Johns Hopkins · Kenyon · Lehigh · Louisiana State · Miami U. of Ohio · Middlebury College · MIT · New York University · Northeastern · Northwestern · Nova Southeastern · Oberlin College · Ohio State · Penn State · Pepperdine · Pomona · Princeton University · Providence College · Purdue · Richmond · San Diego State · Southern Methodist (SMU) · Stanford University · Texas A&M · Texas Christian · Trinity College · Tufts · Tulane · UC Davis · U. of Cincinnati · U. of Chicago · U. of Colorado Denver · U. of Colorado Boulder · U. of Connecticut · U. of Dallas · U. of Florida · U. of Georgia · U. of Iowa · U. of Kentucky · U. of Maryland · U. of Miami · U. of Michigan · U. of North Carolina · U. of Notre Dame · U. of Pennsylvania · U. of Rhode Island · U. of Richmond · U. of South Carolina · U. of Southern California · U. of Tennessee · U. of Texas - Austin · U. of Virginia (UVA) · U. of Wisconsin · Vanderbilt · Villanova · Wake Forest · Washington & Lee · WashU · William and Mary · Williams · Xavier · Yale University

Flexible scheduling

Remote tutoring means more time on the course for Future Champions. We tutor on weeknights and weekends so that you can practice and travel for tournaments.

We base learning on science

We match your child with a tutor and create a personalized learning plan based on a thorough, thoughtful cognitive assessment that determines 1) whether your child will have more success on the SAT or the ACT, 2) what content and strategy we need to provide, 3) which of our faculty will work best with your child.


Why is online tutoring so effective?

Limitless Resources

No need for stacks and stacks of books! In just a couple seconds, our tutors can access Thirty-Six's several thousand tutoring resources (practice questions, lessons, tests)—all customized to your child's needs, and readily available during and between sessions. Today's students are digital-age learners, and they shouldn't be limited to what they can find in a nearby book during tutoring sessions.

Digital Whiteboard Tools

In our whiteboard environment, both your child and the tutor can write, highlight, upload homework, time exercises, screen share, and even plot equations in a graph using our built-in math tools. We save each session's whiteboard and send it to the student after the lesson to support their studies. Since both the tutor and your child will be live on video and microphone, the same important rapport and connections can be established as with in-person tutoring.


We can work with a student who's at a library, at home, on vacation, in a dorm room at boarding school. We can work with a student in any country as long as there's an Internet connection. No one can get stuck in traffic, and you won't have to drive anyone anywhere! And, the more time your student can save by not running back and forth to tutoring, the more productively they can juggle their busy schedule.

Tutor Quality

Online tutoring allows us to match your student with the best tutor available—a tutor who specializes in the right subject areas, who has a compatible personality that will hold your child's attention, and who is an expert in the learning style that your child exhibits. There are no geographical limitations, so your student can receive the highest-quality support and maximize ACT or SAT scores.

See it in action

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"I was actually a little skeptical about getting an online tutor at first, but Thirty-Six's reputation preceded them. I'm REALLY happy I gave it a try. My tutor sends me a copy of the entire whiteboard that we worked on, with a click of a button. I can work out math problems on the board and almost instantly graph equations. And my tutor is so warm and friendly, which comes across clearly in the online whiteboard since we're both on video and audio. My practice scores have gone up after only a couple sessions. I only wish I had started this program a year ago!"
Student, New York

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