We know that each child is unique in their experiences, personality, upbringing, knowledge, learning style, confidence level, strengths, aspirations—all of which play a part in their academic progress. We care about each student on a deep level and understand that their progress is inextricable from their overall well-being and sense of self.


That’s why we prioritize the following:

  • Our tutors are emotionally genuine and accessible. They reveal elements of themselves to create rapport with their students.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with students.
  • We strive to be above-board, transparent, and consistent. We want to make sure that expectations on all sides are clear and met, and that any concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.
  • We reduce our students’ anxiety in this process; we want to be a part of the support system, not an additional burden. 
  • We make the process fun. Nobody except for ACT tutors actually like the ACT. That doesn’t mean your child can’t enjoy preparing for it. Students learn and retain more if the process is actually enjoyable for them.