What we do

Currently, we offer exclusively 1-on-1 Private Tutoring. Our Curriculum team is working hard on additional offerings (below) to be launched in 2023. We’re excited to roll them out!

1-on-1 ACT/SAT Tutoring

$225 — Test Prep Staff
$300 — Executive Staff
$400 — Company Founder

Per hour* **

* Our Executive Staff are priced at $300/hr and may have a waitlist.

* 36’s Company Founder (Bryan) is priced at $400/hr and may have a waitlist.

** We are happy to work on income- and need-based pricing with clients. Please contact us for specifics.

Test Prep Assessment


A 90-minute individualized assessment specifically focused on your child’s ability as it pertains to standardized tests. We’ll compile our observations to make recommendations regarding:

Self-Paced Video Prep

Launching in Summer 2024

stay tuned