We see prepping for the ACT as a crucial process that’s easy to get wrong if a teacher treats it as just a box to check off. Prepping for college admissions involves skill-building—a process that will promote personal growth by imparting less obvious ACT skills such as:

  • decision-making
  • critical thinking
  • logic
  • persistence
  • resilience
  • pattern recognition

These are skills that will serve your child throughout college, adulthood, and beyond.

We empower our students to take ownership of their future, to understand how the test works and what is required for success in a way that reduces their anxiety and increases their sense of control of their future. There is an equation that lets them know that if they put x amount of work in and adopt the right approach and practice it enough, they will make progress.

We normalize struggle and help students view it as the path to improvement. We also help students learn some self-awareness, so that they can learn what they do well and what they need to improve.