We don’t want your child to just get into college. We want your child to get into the colleges of their choice, and earn the highest scholarships they can. Acing the ACT is a crucial component in achieving these goals, but the costs of many effective programs can exceed what a family can afford. To that end:

  • We are launching a QuizBank app that will allow students from all income brackets to practice with thousands of ACT questions.
  • We’re creating an online offering of small-group tutoring at a middle price point, and for each class purchased, we’ll provide a free class to an underprivileged student who’s applied for a scholarship. The class will launch in 2020.
  • We ensure that our materials are ADA-compliant and that our tests have the option of extended time, for students who have been granted extended time by the ACT.
  • We’ll work to examine your child’s target schools and what that means for their target ACT score, as well as how to get there using our materials. 
  • After the initial intake, we’ll determine from your child’s learning style whether their skill set is more suited for the ACT or the SAT (provided your child’s target schools will take both).