Your Child's 36 Journey

1. Intake

Your child will meet for a 90-minute, in-depth intake by the company founder. He'll review your student's education history, including any prior assessments and academic or learning issues, and discuss your and your child's goals [...]
Then, Bryan will test your child by assessing: discrete problem-solving and reasoning skills in math problems; reading fluency, speed, and comprehension; working memory, sustained attention, saliency, and summarization. These appraisals will help us plan the most effective test prep program.
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2. Tutor Matching

Bryan will then match your student up with a tutor who matches your child's needs and personality [...]
That tutor will meet for a weekly case review with the company founder to make sure we're always ahead of any potential concerns or issues, or celebrating the wins that your child is experiencing.
Our Tutor Profiles

3. Scheduling the first session

The tutor will reach out within 24 hours to set up an initial tutoring session with your child. Your child's schedule—not ours—will be prioritized [...]
Both you and your child (and anyone else you wish to add) will receive an e-mail confirmation each time a tutoring session is scheduled, canceled, or rescheduled.
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4. Tutoring

Our prep plans are carefully considered, deliberate, and data-driven. They're based on 1) the objective data we collect, 2) our own instincts after decades of tutoring, and 3) your input [...]
In fact, you're a crucial part of the process, and we'll keep you in the loop with weekly updates on your child's progress. Thirty-Six Education uses a case management model for tracking each individual student, so we always know what's up (scores!) and what's reduced (stress levels!).
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5. Test Day Care Package

We provide every student with sharpened pencils and erasers; earplugs; a Camelbak (because hydration is important!); and an ACT/SAT-approved Testing Timer watch [...]
We've found that the timer has an enormous positive impact on pacing and performance during the test, so it's our pleasure to ship this care package to your child at no cost to you.
Care Package!

6. Test Day and Beyond!

Your child will head confidently into Test Day, equipped with a highly competitive edge. They won't fall for classic distractors, and they'll have a thorough command of skills/timing. [...]
We don't disappear after your child takes the test. We'll do an extensive follow-up after scores come back to help you understand what it means and where to go from here. We're invested in your child's future, so we're here for as long as you need us!
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Want to connect with a human to talk things over? The next step for most parents is a free phone consultation with 36's founder.

He’s incredibly knowledgeable, transparent about what’s feasible, and passionate about student outcomes (…and no, he didn’t write this copy).